design services

One of the benefits we enjoy extending to all our customers is our expertise in design support. We can clarify the details that often go unnoticed until you’re confronted with a major appliance that doesn’t quite fit or seem to work. Addressing these topics up front and learning about these idiosyncrasies will save you time money.

So, if you’re working independently and simply need guidance for an installation, we can help expedite your process. Or, if you’re working with a designer, architect or contractor and believe we can assist in mitigating costs or potential issues, we are pleased to help.

give us a call to find out more about how we can work together and ask about our QUICK SPEC CHECK provided free of charge.

delivery services

Rates are based on your proximity to our showroom and not on total weight, so it doesn’t matter if you have one item or several. This is definitely an added benefit, especially if your order contains multiple, large-scale items. Typically, one of our staff will contact you via phone the day before delivery and give you a 1 - 2 hour time frame of when you can expect your delivery. We pride ourselves for being on time, and can even call you when we are on the way to your site if that is more convenient. If you are unavailable to take delivery or your plans have changed, we are happy to reschedule with no additional fees with 2 days notice. Multiple delivery locations are handled differently than a single drop-off and can be arranged.


We’re delighted to pass along special offers, promotions and rebates to our customers. Check this page as often as possible since rebates and specials can change weekly!

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